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Our Committees

Fire Hall Chats Committee

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Each month residents and city leaders have the chance to be part of a community conversation about an issue that affects West Fargo. We’ve planned programs on government ethics and the City’s budget, as well as homelessness among students in West Fargo and the pros and cons of a city commission versus a city council. You can be in on the action. Help plan the programs held at our beautiful new public facility, the West Fargo Fire Hall.

Welcome and Inclusion Committee

Do newcomers feel welcome when they move to West Fargo? Has our rapid growth led to a loss of a sense of common purpose and identity? With the city’s growth from just short of 26,000 in 2010 to almost 42,000 in 2024, this is a good time to make sure residents feel welcomed and included. Join this committee to plan activities that celebrate newcomers and help us meet and learn about our neighborhoods and the cultural groups that make up who we are.

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Civic Journalism Committee

Residents of West Fargo will soon be able to learn more about the City and what its government is doing, share their opinions about what’s next for West Fargo, and learn about the people and history of our community. You can be part of the effort by attending city meetings and writing reports about them, gathering opinions on topics concerning West Fargo, and finding stories about West Fargo’s people and places that make us unique.

Livable West Fargo Committee

Working with AARP North Dakota and the City of West Fargo, our volunteers are advocates for helping the community be a city for all ages. The eight domains of livability identified by AARP are housing, neighborhood, transportation, environment, health, engagement, and opportunity. See West Fargo’s current rating here.

Can we do better?

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Arts Committee

Artists and residents, help develop new opportunities for the performing, literary, and visual arts in West Fargo. You are welcome to be part of imagining what the arts could be in our community—theater and musical performances, art exhibits, poetry readings, murals, and more. What unique methods can be used to take the arts into the community? Pop up stages, music in the park, poetry on a stick, art at the gas station?

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