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Community Centered Communications

1 / Community Media & Information

Know what is happening across West Fargo for community events, public input opportunities, activities for the whole family. A resource for local information gathering that is specific to the City of West Fargo.

2 / Community Education & Resources

Promoter of continued education, lifelong learning, and appreciation of the arts and culture.

Civic and Political Engagement

1 / Civic Learning Opportunities

Learn how to run for office or participate in a local commission or board through interactive workshops. Become more engaged in your local government by learning how decisions are made having your voice heard.

2 / Engage with Local Leaders and Officials

Attend public meetings, hearings, and legislative forums to represent your community. Participate in opportunities to have more face-time with your representatives. 

Community Advocacy

1 / Livable West Fargo

Creating a more walkable and livable community through walkability studies, engagement with city planning, and creative housing initiatives.

2 / Volunteer Matching

Find an organization that aligns with your passions. Our volunteer opportunity board is coming soon!

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